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Marin Anastassov – Honey Bee Nutrition and Supplemental Feeding


SBA 2018 touring lectures – Marin Anastassov  BSc, MSc, NDB

Marin Anastassov – a master beekeeper and one of the few holders of an NDB – visited Aberdeen on 5 October, and gave a fascinating talk on honey bee nutrition and supplemental feeding as part of the 2018 SBA touring lectures in Scotland.

Attached is a PDF synopsis of Martin’s lecture which should help all of us fortunate enough to have attended to remember key aspects of his talk.  If you missed it, do have a look through the notes.  They are of interest to us all with helpful information and tips – for example, preparing syrup, fondant, pollen patties or pollen substitute patties.

To download the PDF, click here.  See also the January 2019 Newsletter for an article about the lecture.

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