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ADBKA Committee Members

2023 Committee: [See Contact page for contact details]

President: Sandy Gordon [See also Ode to the Beekeepers and Late Season Events Round-up]

Officers for 2023:
Chair: Ian Mackley
Vice Chair: vacant
Treasurer: John Adams
General Secretary: Alison Goss

Committee members for 2023 (with specific responsibilities where indicated)

Alison Goss (Convener, Honey Show)
Graham Torrie (Apiary Manager)
Erling Watt (Membership Secretary)
Jenny Lewis (Facebook Group Admin)
Edna May Pyle (Newsletter Editor)
David Robertson (Swarm Collection)
Olga Macaulay
Joan Gilbert-Stevens
Donald Morrison
Karl Stevens
Adrian Ledingham
Lorraine van der Heijdt

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