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List of suppliers

(For beekeeping supplies (candy, inverted syrup and honey jars) and loan equipment see Supplies.)

The following list is subjective, but it’s a starting point.

Local suppliers

Jock McGregor of Blackburn is E.H.Thorne’s local Aberdeenshire agent (tel: 01224 790 468).  Jock also has a 9-frame radial extractor and a steam wax-melter, both available on loan for a £10 deposit.

Bee Cabin, Bridge cottage, Dess, Aboyne AB34 supplies poly and timber hives, nuc, frames, foundation and accessories. Feeds, tools, bee suits and more.

Mainly bee hives and equipment

E.H.Thorne (Beehives) Ltd – they are one of the larger suppliers of beekeeping equipment and bee hives in the UK and have a branch in Scotland – Thornes of Scotland in  Newburgh, Fife.

Jock McGregor (above) is Thorne’s local agent.

Maisemore Apiaries has a large selection of equipment as well as hives, including their own National polystyrene hives.

C. Wynne Jones (from Wales) supplies Swienty polystyrene National hives and a selection of equipment.

Abelo – Polystyrene Nationals and a variety of equipment.

Swienty from Denmark are the makers of Swienty hives.

Caddon Hives – a Scottish firm making high quality National, Smith, and WBC hives in wood.


BB Wear – makers of good quality bee-suits and also stock some beekeeping equipment.

BJ Sheriff – makers of good quality bee-suits and also sellers of beekeeping equipment.

Bee feeds

British Beefeeds supplies Südzucker’s bee feeds – Apiinvert and Apifonda.


Brunel Microscopes Ltd – microscopy supplies, with a section for beekeepers.

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