Membership – Direct Debit

To set up the direct debit for ADBKA membership click on the appropriate link below – Individual Membership or Household Membership.  The link will take you to a secure page managed by GoCardless who operate the direct debit service for ADBKA.  The website will prompt you for your name, address and bank account details.  GoCardless will then contact your bank and set up the direct debit arrangement.  Your bank details are held by GoCardless and not passed on to ADBKA. The arrangement is fully covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Payment for your ADBKA membership will then be debited from your account on 15th January annually.
(If setting up a Direct Debit after 15th January the Treasurer will be notified and will arrange for an initial debit to be made from your account within 5-10 days to cover your membership fee for the current year).

Set up a Direct Debit for:

After completing the online direct debit form, please complete and submit a Membership Form to the Membership Secretary so that your details will be updated on the membership register (see the Membership Page)

ADBKA will still be able to collect Gift Aid on direct debit membership payments for those who have completed the declaration from 2019 (the form included wording to reclaim tax now and in the future).  If you have previously completed a Gift Aid declaration but are no longer a UK tax payer please contact the Membership Secretary.  Gift Aid provides a valuable boost to ADBKA funds (£780 for 2020) and we would encourage all members who are eligible to consider making a Gift Aid declaration.

Members wishing to include an additional donation to ADBKA with their Direct Debit subscription should email the Treasurer after completing the online Direct Debit form. The additional donation will then be processed together with the membership subscription.