Sandy and Lilian Gordon

Meet the Members

This is a series of articles first published in our newsletter and based on interviews by Lindsey Macauley with Sandy and Lilian Gordon.


by Lindsey Macauley

Sandy and Lilian Gordon have been active and supportive members of the association and are some of the most recognised members. Today they continue to offer their services to house association loan equipment and offer their advice to beekeepers who call in.

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The Brood Food Theory of Swarming

From David Morland, ADBKA Chair:

I learnt recently that my grandfather was the first bee scientist at Rothamsted and one of the founder members of the International Bee Research Association (IBRA). His books and papers were passed on to Eva Crane whose own collection was the foundation of the IBRA library.

He was succeeded as Head of the Bee Section at Rothamsted in 1939, by Dr Colin Butler.

At Rothamsted, he initiated studies into the causes of swarming, so our members might be interested in a paper he had published in the Annals of Applied Biology, Vol XIII, No.1, February 1930 entitled ‘The Brood Food Theory’. I believe this is the reference at the start of Snelgrove’s book about swarming.

The article is taken from a photocopy of the original typescript he submitted and includes the diagrams and table from this original.  (Click here to view the full paper in PDF  view the full paper in PDF, or here to see a photocopy of the original.)

A paper copy of the paper will be found within the library at Crathes for members to borrow.

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David Pert

Meet the ADBKA Committee members

Committee member for four years.

My first introduction into beekeeping started from my father in law who used to keep bees in the 1970s and had nine colonies in National Hives, he was a member of the Angus Beekeepers association. Being a joiner and carpenter by profession my initial interest was in the construction and maintenance of my father in law’s hives but invariably I began to help with the management of the colonies.

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Bee Health Awareness Day

Blackburn 13th May 2017 [edited]

by Malcolm Watson

On 13th May, Steve Sunderland (head of the Scottish bee inspection team) and personnel from the Scottish Government, SASA, SRUC, and the SBA visited Aberdeen to present a bee health awareness day.  The event was attended by 36 local beekeepers representing ADBKA, Kemnay, and Moray Associations.

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