Supplies and Loan Equipment

Beekeeping supplies and free loan equipment for ADBKA members across the North East

Syrup, fondant and jars

Until we have find somewhere to store supplies, the Association can no longer supply syrup, fondant and jars.  However, Erling might be able to help out.  Alternatively, please contact our regular supplier, Pont Packaging (0141 423 3066 or either of the other two companies listed at the bottom of the page directly.  Pont Packaging’s reference code number for the standard one pound jars is 500435 and lids, ordered separately, is 500277.

Erling Watt 07429 454572
Longside AB42 4XQ

Loan Equipment

  • Combimel stainless steel 9-frame radial extractor; Universal lightweight 9-frame radial extractor; heated uncapping tray; electric uncapping knife; heather honey press; wax melter;  candle-making kit.

From Joan Gilbert-Stevens 019755 81369 (details as above)

  • Honey extractors; mini-melters; heather honey press; wax extractor; wax foundation press.

Contact: Sandy Gordon 01224 484540 Danestone AB22 8AJ

  • Heated uncapping tray; electric uncapping knife; heather honey press; wax melter; Unimel stainless steel 3-frame tangential extractor.

From: Erling Watt 07429 454572 (more details above)

  • Refractometer

Contact: David Morland, 07768 244420
Udny AB41 6QX

Thorne’s local agent

  • Jock McGregor is Thorne’s local agent.  Jock also has a 9-frame radial extractor and a steam wax-melter, both available on loan for a £10 deposit.

Blackburn AB21 0WA (tel: 01224 790 468).

Suppliers to ADBKA

Our suppliers are listed below should members wish to purchase items directly from them:

Wyfield Apiary – Fondant, Syrup & pollen Tel No 01874 754 412

BAKO – Ragus Candy (minimum quantity of 100 boxes (400 tubs) required per order) – 0191 378 0088

Pont Packaging – Jars – 0141 423 3066

(The reference code number for the standard 1lb jars normally purchased is 500435 and the necessary lids ( ordered separately) 500277

We hope that the majority of you will continue to purchase supplies from us and see this as a direct benefit in your beekeeping ventures.

We are also happy to accept advance orders for any specific item which would help us in our stock control and ordering quantity.  This should be of particular interest if members wish to order a large quantity of syrup or fondant, or a quantity of 1/2lb  or 12oz hex jars.  Any advance orders for large quantities of supplies can be placed with Joan directly by sending an email to Joan Gilbert-Stevens (