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Supplies and Loan Equipment

Beekeeping supplies, books, and free loan equipment for ADBKA members across the North East

Syrup, fondant and jars

The Association no longer supplies syrup, fondant and jars.  However, Erling might be able to help out.

Erling Watt 07429 454572
Longside AB42 4XQ

The Association Facebook page occasionally lists invitations to join bulk purchases by individual members, or contact one of our former suppliers, Wyfield Apiary, for fondant, syrup and pollen. Tel No 07791 526 383

Loan Equipment

From Ken Church, Drumoak, AB31 5EL
M: 07410 451542, E:

From Jenny Lewis, Aboyne, AB34 5FB
M: 07772 186654, E:

Contact: Sandy Gordon 01224 484540 Danestone AB22 8AJ

From: Erling Watt 07429 454572 (more details above)

Contact: David Morland, 07768 244420
Udny AB41 6QX


Ian Forbes and John Beedie Memorial Library

Thorne’s local agent

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