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SBA Lecture Tour

Reading Bees

Dan Basterfield

Friday 7 October 2016 at 7pm
Kinellar Community Hall
Blackburn AB21 0SS

Don’t miss the visit by this year’s SBA Touring Lecturer, Daniel Basterfield, NDB.  Daniel grew up with beekeeping around him, earning pocket money by clipping and marking queens. Having spent 15 years working in large companies, he returned to the family beekeeping business in Devon, expanding the business and building a brand new Honey Farm. He is a member of the Bee Farmers Association, holds the National Diploma in Beekeeping, and is a BBKA Master Beekeeper and Examiner. He runs 120-140 double-brood Modified Commercial hives, migrating between various farm crops in East Devon, and raises queens for prolific, productive and healthy qualities. Outside of the beekeeping season, Daniel undertakes teaching for the BBKA and NDB, for which he has developed a number of training courses.

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