Ian Forbes and John Beedie Memorial Library

We are very pleased to be able to offer our members the opportunity to borrow a wide range of books on bees and beekeeping free of charge. Our library collection is approaching 200 titles, dating back as far as 1912. We also hold many up-to-date publications. Whether you’re studying for your beekeeping examinations or just seeking more information on our shared passion, there’s sure to be something here to meet your needs. Members can view the catalogue by following the link from the Members’ Index Page.

You can have a look through our library if you are attending one of our events during the season at the Crathes apiary. Over the winter months, or if you can’t make it along to the apiary, you can borrow books by emailing your request to adbkalibrary@gmail.com. Books will be posted out to members free of charge. At the end of the lending period (two months), just pop the book in a padded envelope and post it back – at your expense. If you want to extend the loan period, just check that no-one else is waiting for the book.

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