New, would-be, and veteran beekeepers looking for advice, practical experience, and discussions – please see the Events page for details about lectures and demonstrations at the Association Apiary and members’ apiaries, as well as the annual Introduction to Beekeeping series of lectures and workshop. See also Starting with Beekeeping, and Advice and Support for Organisations considering Beekeeping.

Learning the craft of beekeeping never stops – so, if you want to study it in more depth, why not study to become a Beemaster?  In fact, we encourage all beekeepers to take the first practical exam, The Basic Beemaster Certificate.  It is fun, and you can only benefit from doing so.

More information about The Basic Beemaster Certificate, the study modules and practical examinations towards becoming a Beemaster as well as becoming a Honey Judge and obtaining a Certificate in Microscopy can be found on the SBA website under the Exams tab.

Under the SBA Advice tab is a wealth of other beekeeping articles and technical data sheets (in particular Ian Craig’s My Beekeeping Year, and the Bee Basic pages for new or young beekeepers with excellent videos).

The SBA also hosts an internet forum for discussions and debate with a number of very knowledgeable and experienced beekeepers participating – so, visit the SBAi forum to expand your beekeeping knowledge and participate in discussions.