Erling Watt

Meet the ADBKA Committee members

Erling Watt – Committee member since May 2015, now membership secretary.

This is my fifth year of keeping bees and being a member of the association. This is not however my first brush with beekeeping as my grandfather kept bees and I used to help him with them as a teenager back in the 70’s until I joined the army.

Mr Watt Junior

I never lost my interest in them but by the time I came out of the army my Grandfather had given up beekeeping and I had a wife and a young family to look after. My interest in beekeeping remained and now I have the opportunity to keep a few colonies, my only regret is that I put it off for so long.

In addition to being the membership secretary I help Joan with the association supplies and can offer bee food and honey jars together with the loan of association equipment to members within the Peterhead area.

I sat the Basic Beemaster this year and intend to take further S.B.A module exams every other year.

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