Graham Torrie – Local Association Award

We are pleased to announce that at the SBA AGM on 18 March, Graham Torrie was presented with the SBA’s “Local Association Award”.  This is awarded to beekeepers for recognition of the quality of their contribution within their Local Association, and for their active promotion of the art of beekeeping in the environment of that Association.

Graham has recently stood down as the chairman of Aberdeen & District Beekeepers Association.

Graham is a skilled beekeeper and extremely generous with his time.  He managed the association apiary at Crathes and edited the association newsletter as well as leading the committee in its business.

He also has excellent presentation skills which he still uses to share his knowledge with other beekeepers.  This includes delivering lectures at the annual Aberdeen beginners’ class and presenting practical sessions at Crathes as well as coaching beekeepers on a one to one basis in less formal settings.  He is widely read, and often refers to recent research and relevant publications during his presentations.  He is a frequent winner at the Aberdeen honey show, in 2016 taking away no less than three trophies.

Congratulations, Graham!

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