Turriff Show 2018

By Ian Mackley

The Turriff show was its usual eclectic mixture of opportunity to view and buy everything from Orthotic Insoles through to that monster tractor you have always wanted. The new ADBKA double gazebo got its first public outing between the National Fostering Agency and a stand selling clothes for dogs! This year we decided to be located outside amongst the trade stands rather than in the Industrial Tent; the move, and the gazebo, were thought to be successes with a steady stream of visitors throughout the show. We were certainly doing better business than the ‘grand-daughter of Gipsy Rose Lee’ in her caravan opposite!

Kitta kindly stocked and ferried the observation hive to and from her apiary each day and, placed at the entrance to our stand, it proved a popular attraction. Once thus lured into our stand, visitors were able to taste around a dozen different honeys and then buy their favourite should they wish; over 250 jars were sold, plus cut comb. It was interesting to watch the purchasing psychology of the visitors and I was left wondering how the public vote would compare with a honey judge!

The observation hive and the honey tasting were undoubtedly the main draw for the public but we had a good display of books, the recently purchased hive models and various other beekeeping paraphernalia.

Over in the Industrial Tent there was some keen and friendly competition amongst members and prizes were won in various Classes.

My favourite incident of the day was Graham T enthusiastically trying to persuade a lady to buy some honey. ‘Oh no,’ she said, ‘my husband has rooms full of the stuff.’ Unbeknownst to Graham, he was speaking to Mrs Morland!

Donald managed to sting himself! By midday, foraging bees had found our tent and were gathering around spills from our honey samples. Donald removed a bee which stung him on his finger. Ok, not too bad, but Donald subsequently stuck his finger in his mouth to lick it clean of honey without seeing the sting was still in place; the sting stuck in his lip and was still active. So not only did he sting himself, but one sting stung twice.

We were pleasantly surprised later on the Sunday afternoon when a delegation from the Show organisers arrived and told us we had won second prize in the ‘Best Presented Small Trade Stand’ category. Unfortunately the prize was merely the honour and not a Caribbean holiday for fourteen!

With lots of thanks to all the volunteers who made this another successful event for ADBKA, roll on 2019!

Ian Mackley

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